The Swedish Meatball Bible

The Swedish Meatball Bible_cover

This is not a cookbook. This is our love letter to The Meatball. Many of us have met the meatball in its most basic form, as in “grandma’s
special recipe” or mass-produced at the supermarket. But beyond that, there is so much more to explore in the world of meatballs.

How do you actually make a perfect, traditional Swedish Meatball with all the right trimmings? Does the choice of ingredients really matter that much? Is a parsley meatball crown a fashion statement or a cry for help? What about pickled meatballs? And how do you make a snow lantern with meatballs instead of snowballs?

There are many questions, but even more kinds of meatballs. In this tome of meatball wisdom, you will learn about them all from master chef Claes Grahn-Möller and his two meatball-loving friends, Ralph Lindgren and Hans-Olov Öberg. Feel free to flip through this inspiring journey of anything meatball – from traditional to extreme avant-garde.

Life is, after all, too precious to waste on mainstream meatballs.

The Swedish Meatball Bible finns också på svenska: Köttbulleboken.


Författare: Clas Grahn-Möller, Ralph Lindgren, Hans-Olov Öberg
Översättare: Swedish Word Mafia
Omslag: Niklas Lindblad
ISBN: 9789188153050
Bandtyp: Inbunden
Utgivning: 2015-12-03
Språk: Engelska