Out Of The Blues

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Out of the blues





Author: Brian D. Kramer
Layout: Jonas Rahm/ Selina Öberg
Language: English
ISBN: 978-91-87049-45-3
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2013-11-11


In the multi-ingredient melting pot that is the New York music scene, Brooklyn born blues musician Ryan Palmer has struggled to make a living out of his music during a couple of decades. His talent, dedication and passion have brought him both highs and lows. Keeping family and friends happy is a constant tightrope walk, while the sharks of the music industry are always greedy and ready to tear you apart in an unobservant moment. Ryan has reached the age where he wonders if it’s all worth it, what has he achieved? And yet, what else would he do – this is all he knows and loves. When he finds out that he and his old music partner, Chris, may be entitled to a lot of money for song someone stole, this seems to become the trigger for a whole series of events; powerful, beautiful, meaningful and even tragic...

 "When someone writes with passion and knowledge about something close to their heart, and manages to capture the essence and atmosphere, so that it seeps into our core, like the smell of freshly brewed coffee or baked bread, effortlessly captivating and drawing us in, like some magical potion, then it is good stuff! Many books have been written on New York and the music scene. But this is not a glossy, flashy sensational grabber. This is an intimate, honest under the surface, story about struggling musicians and real people's lives. It unfolds with every step that takes us through the streets, on the subway and into the small clubs, music stores or diners. It seeps into the core of your head and heart - just like the blues."

-Reviewed by editor Marie Andersson


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