Heavy Metal Management



Author: Pär-Jörgen Pärson & Hans-Olov Öberg
Layout: Olof Nauclér, Hans von Corswant, Mikael Johansson & Metal Lord
Language: English
ISBN: 978-91-87049-21-7
Binding: Hardback
Utgivning: 2012-11-14

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Do you see your employees as our most valuable asset? Are you keen on having satisfied clients? Do you want to be a good leader, an inspiring business person and take your project to another level? Or are you perhaps ready to go from Good to Great?

Sorry! But if thats what you really want, then this book is sadly not for you. We wrote Heavy Metal Management for Great Leaders, ready for World Domination. And beyond!

Heavy metal has existed as an art form for almost fifty years now. During this period, the best and brightest havedespite cutthroat competition and extremely low barriers to entrycreated global brands from four chord progressions. Astonishingly, most businessmen havent even begun to learn from these great Heroes of Metal.

Heavy Metal Management gets you started on the Highway to the hell where customers are raving, motherf*****g fans, where your management team are the baddest guys on the block and yourself the Total Frontman.

Grab the chance and buy this book or burn in the eternal fire!


"Heavy Metal Management is massively good fun, and it's not hard to see why it has proved so popular with a new generation of entrepreneurs hungry for a new language for their business strategy. "

Jemima Kiss, The Guardian