Shadow’s Law

Shadow's Law är den internationella utgåvan av Simon Häggströms succébok Skuggans lag – en spanares kamp mot prostitutionen som tidigare utkommit på Kalla Kulor Förlag.

Detective inspector Simon Häggström is head of the Stockholm Police’s Prositution Unit. Everyday, he meets those who inhabit the shadowy underbelly of Stockholm; the prostituted women, and men, who try to keep their business hidden and the johns who at all cost want to avoid getting caught. Even though Sweden has a strict anti-prostitution law, business is thriving.

Shadow’s Law tells the true stories of the people Simon Häggström and his colleagues encounter every day. Young girls facing dangers they did not foresee, seven foreign women working and living together in a one bedroom apartement, Lovisa, born into a life of drugs and prostitution, and of course – the men who buy sex. These are their stories as they have never been told before.

To be published November 1st 2016